My Promise to You

Are you tired of books that are loaded with typos, misspelled words and grammar that leaves you scratching your head and saying, “Wait, what?” I’m a reader, too, so I know how you feel. Nothing yanks me out of a story faster than tripping over a typo or grammatical mistake in every other sentence. It always leaves me feeling cheated, like the author was too lazy to care about her own book, like she just wanted to take my money and run.

I want you to know that I value your reading time and money, so here’s my promise to you: my books are ALWAYS professionally edited, copy-edited and proofread. My covers and digital formatting are also created by a team of experienced professionals. Quality publishing matters to me because my readers matter to me.

If you ever spot a typo in one of my books, please email me and we’ll get it fixed right away. Every time you buy one of my books, you can trust that you’re getting a great contemporary romance with a great price and professional-quality publishing. Every. Time.

Quality matters. You deserve nothing but the best. So I promise to give you only my best, from first page to last.

Thank you for supporting my books.

Book 3 is Here!

HIS FOR TONIGHT BOOK 3 WebsiteI planned to finish my His for Tonight serial by February—but here we are in April. I’m really sorry for the delay. It’s been a tough few months for me with all sorts of life stuff happening. The good news is, during this emotional time, I think I’ve written one of my best books ever!

The wait is over and His for Tonight Book 3 is available today at all your favorite ebook stores. It’s 27,000 words, way longer than I originally planned, but I needed plenty of pages to cover all the drama, twists and surprises in this section of the story. One of the scenes even made me cry while I was writing it, which never happens! After such a long wait, I knew I had to give my readers something special and I think this book delivers.

Bloggers are calling the His for Tonight serial “one of the best I’ve ever read!” I hope you’ll agree that this is the most dramatic and emotional installment yet. Elise and Luciano are supposed to be keeping their relationship strictly business, but they’re having trouble fighting their feelings for each other. As they hit the red carpet for Luciano’s charity gala in New York City, they’re about to discover that the glamorous evening holds all sorts of surprises…for both of them.

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Ready for More?

HIS FOR TONIGHT BOOK 2  WebsiteHIS FOR TONIGHT Book 2 is now available at ebook stores worldwide!

3 days & nights. Hot sex. No strings attached?

Sensible, serious Iowa college student Elise never expected to find herself the paid escort of a superstar athlete with a sexy accent and wickedly talented hands. But now Luciano is sweeping her into a world of bright lights, limousines and paparazzi–and making all her most secret fantasies come true. She can’t seem to keep herself from falling for him…even though she knows it can’t last. Grab HIS FOR TONIGHT BOOK 2 for just $1.99 today!

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Review Buzz

Reader Buzz 2My very first reviews have just come in and I’m blushing! Wow! I’m incredibly humbled by the feedback I’m getting from romance bloggers who are raving about HIS FOR TONIGHT! Here’s a sampling of the buzz that’s already building for Elise and Luciano’s sizzling love story:

This is a hell of a fun and sexy read! The sex scenes were on fire. This delicious little morsel of a book has me licking my lips and begging for more.” -Obsessed With Myshelf

Elise is incredibly lovable as a heroine. I cannot wait for more.” -Lina’s Reviews Book Blog

“Absolutely loved this first installment. These two are hot as hell and I seriously can’t wait to read the rest of the serial!” -Page to Page Reviews

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How to Pronounce Ravenna

redheadSo I just got a sales call from a guy who totally mangled my name. Dude, really? Is it that hard to pronounce? No, it’s not “RAVINE-a” or “RAVE-enna.” Here: just click the little speaker symbol next to the word Ravenna at The dude totally gets it right.

Bonus points if you can roll the R like Mr. sexy guy on that sound clip. Mmm, he can call me anytime!