My Promise to You

Are you tired of books that are loaded with typos, misspelled words and grammar that leaves you scratching your head and saying, “Wait, what?” I’m a reader, too, so I know how you feel. Nothing yanks me out of a story faster than tripping over a typo or grammatical mistake in every other sentence. It always leaves me feeling cheated, like the author was too lazy to care about her own book, like she just wanted to take my money and run.

I want you to know that I value your reading time and money, so here’s my promise to you: my books are ALWAYS professionally edited, copy-edited and proofread. My covers and digital formatting are also created by a team of experienced professionals. Quality publishing matters to me because my readers matter to me.

If you ever spot a typo in one of my books, please email me and we’ll get it fixed right away. Every time you buy one of my books, you can trust that you’re getting a great contemporary romance with a great price and professional-quality publishing. Every. Time.

Quality matters. You deserve nothing but the best. So I promise to give you only my best, from first page to last.

Thank you for supporting my books.