His for Tonight 1

His for Tonight 1 by Ravenna Russo

His For Tonight Series
Book 1

I was only supposed to belong to him for one night…

The limo pulls to a stop in front of the city’s most expensive hotel. In a luxury suite upstairs, a wealthy, powerful man is waiting for me. For tonight, I belong to him. He has bought and paid for me.

I know him only by his code name, Mr. West. We’ll never know each other’s real identities. And after tonight, he’ll never see me again. That’s how I want it. Even as I submit to him, I’m the one in control.

But I never expected him to be so young—or so hot. The agency didn’t tell me he was a tattooed, superstar athlete.

We were only meant to spend one night together. Romance wasn’t supposed to be part of our arrangement … but no guy has ever made me feel the way he makes me feel.

And emotions weren’t covered in our contract.

HIS FOR TONIGHT Book 1 is an erotic romance novella of 20,000 words (about 70 pages). Contains graphic sex and language. This is the first part of a 4-part serial, so watch out for cliffhangers—and one demanding, dirty-talking bad boy with a sexy accent who will melt your panties!

H4T Book 2 and H4T Book 3 are available now!