His for Tonight 2

His for Tonight 2 by Ravenna Russo

His For Tonight Series
Book 2

Three days, three nights. Hot sex. No strings attached…maybe.

How did a sensible, serious Iowa college girl like me end up in a situation like this? I can explain.

I know it seems crazy. I never expected to find myself the paid escort of a superstar athlete with a sexy accent and wickedly talented hands. But all of a sudden, I’ve been swept into a world of bright lights, limousines and paparazzi.

We’re just supposed to be having a weekend fling. But it’s starting to feel like something more…something real. I’ve never responded to any guy the way I have to him. Everything is on the line now.

My heart most of all.

HIS FOR TONIGHT Book 2 is an erotic romance novella of 20,000 words (about 70 pages). Contains graphic sex and language. This is the second part of a 4-part serial, so watch out for cliffhangers—and one demanding, dirty-talking bad boy with a sexy accent who will melt your panties!

H4T Book 3 is now available!