His for Tonight 4

His for Tonight 4 by Ravenna Russo

His For Tonight Series
Book 4

Happily ever after was never supposed to be part of our arrangement.

Luciano has introduced me to a tantalizing new world of sensation and experience. And what happened in New York has changed things between us.

I care about him so much, it makes me ache. It’s like I can’t breathe unless he’s with me, touching me, holding me. But in so many ways, we’re still worlds apart. I’m not sure I can let go as much as he needs me to let go.

And how can our relationship last when he has so many reasons not to believe in love?

HIS FOR TONIGHT Book 4 is an erotic romance novella of 20,000 words (about 70 pages). Contains graphic sex and language. This is Book 4 of a 4-part serial, the emotional conclusion of Elise and Luciano’s scorching hot journey.

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